Girls & Glory would love to hear from you! all submissions must be sent to please include your name, age + the subject content is being submitted for--news + politics, entertainment, music, art + culture, style, creative writing. we accept work from writers + artists 16 years and up.

written content

written submission guidelines // please only submit completed, unpublished drafts--content that has previously been used in another blog, magazine, Tumblr or website cannot be accepted. all written submissions should be accompanied by a simple introduction/pitch to your piece and an in-depth summary of your angle (the point or theme of a news or feature story). any submission not including an intro or summary or whose intros and summaries are lacking in detail will not be accepted. please submit all pieces as an email attachment, a viewable Google doc, or included in your email below the introduction.

what sort of pieces are you looking for? // we want anything and everything! informational articles, poetry, personal essays, short fiction, nonfiction, and interviews. whatever inspires you, feel free to share and we'll take a look. please make sure the topic you've written about has not yet been covered on our site.

***if you are interested in conducting an interview for Girls & Glory, please pitch the idea to us first. do not conduct an interview without official approval from our editors. we will arrange and schedule all interviews once approved***

my written submission has been accepted. now what? // any pieces accepted will be subjected to a rigorous editing process. some pieces will go through 2-3 or more rounds of edits before we come to a final product. but remember, this doesn't mean we don't like your piece--if we disliked it we wouldn't have chosen it! instead, we want to help make sure you're recognized for your best work on our site. if you're writing a nonfiction/informational piece, you are required to have sources and have properly cited them. we will then fact check each of your sources to confirm the information provided to readers is 100% accurate. this process take 1-2 weeks so be prepared to work hard and work closely with the editors at Girls & Glory. we're here to help.

visual & multimedia content

can i submit visual/multimedia content to Girls & Glory? // sure! the submission guidelines are essentially the same as the written. content must be unpublished and contain a full body of work. you must include an intro/summary of your submission and all photos/videos must be either an email attachment or Dropbox link. you may also include your entire portfolio of work so we can see your experience in visual art. musicians and bands can also submit their songs or music videos for feature or review. please send these submissions to

i have a question that's not answered on this page. where can i find the answer? // if you feel you need more information on any step of the submission process, please send an email to the subject line must state "Submission FAQ" in order for us to address your inquiries.