who we are

Founded in 2017 by Ana Jayme and Amy Beecham, Girls & Glory is an online and IRL community platform that serves to empower womxn and nonbinary folk in the creative arts. We believe that safe spaces created for and by girls is a step in the right direction in ensuring our voices are heard in every line of work. By celebrating the work of these artists, musicians, writers and the like, we hope Girls & Glory serves as a place for all to thrive.

Though we are still an emerging platform, Girls & Glory is also dedicated to engaging in hands-on efforts to improve the communities in which our team and our readers call home. By hosting empowerment events, benefits for local women's organizations, and simple meet-ups, we are able to create strong relationships with the people, places, and things which inspire us. You can check out our past events and help us plan future ones here.